“I have a strong record of fighting the establishment and successfully influencing DC through effective change management. I will bring that leadership and my business acumen to the battlefront in Washington.” - MJ Hegar
As a soldier wounded in battle, and mother of two, MJ Hegar understands the importance of quality medical care and knows firsthand the struggles that so many families go through to afford quality healthcare. MJ also worked for a local hospital network in Round Rock and believes all Americans deserve access to quality affordable care. In Congress, she will fight to make healthcare more affordable for Texans by eliminating waste, protecting people with pre-existing conditions, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, and fixing the problems in the system without letting insurance companies call the shots.
MJ Hegar believes that one of the greatest threats to our democracy is the influence of powerful special interest groups on the political process. She is committed to fixing the rigged political system that cares more about billionaires and big corporations than everyday citizens. MJ will fight to get big money out of politics and return power to hardworking Texans. She is endorsed by End Citizens United, a group dedicated to passing meaningful campaign finance reform to get powerful dark money special interests out of politics.
MJ Hegar served three tours in Afghanistan as an Air Force rescue pilot and understands what our military and their families go through in a way that most politicians in DC can’t. She also experienced difficulty entering the workforce after her military service, and knows the challenges that veterans face transitioning into civilian life. In Congress, she will support responsible national security policies, protect the paychecks of active duty military members during government shutdowns, and stop any effort to privatize the VA while streamlining services for veterans to get better care when they need it.
As a mother of two young boys, MJ Hegar understands the importance of a quality education. She grew up in this community, and attended Faubion Elementary School, Leander High School and then went on to get a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin. MJ knows that strong public schools are an investment in our nation’s future, and she will be an advocate for Texas public schools and teachers. She also knows that crippling student loan debt is a deterrent to innovation and small business creation, and that we need to invest in all kinds of higher education, from vocational training to degree programs.
MJ Hegar believes that partisan gridlock is preventing anything from getting done in Washington. When MJ was serving in Afghanistan, she did not think about whether her fellow soldiers were Democrats or Republicans, but focused on getting the mission accomplished. She successfully advocated for opening jobs to women in the military by gathering bipartisan support. In Congress, she will continue to bring together both sides of the aisle and will work with anyone who has a good idea to get results for families here in Texas, regardless of their party.
With a mom on Medicare and Social Security, MJ Hegar is determined to fight to keep our promises to our seniors. She believes that seniors have paid into and earned Medicare and Social Security over a lifetime of hard work. In Congress, she'll stand up to any attempt to weaken Social Security, fight efforts to turn Medicare into a voucher program, and oppose raising the retirement age. She believes we need to protect these programs for future generations, and keep healthcare affordable for seniors on fixed incomes.
MJ Hegar has always been a fierce advocate for women, whether in her work defending survivors of domestic violence or when she was fighting to ensure all jobs in the military are open for competition to both men and women. Working in Washington with congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle, and partnering with allies, MJ led the lawsuit against the Defense Department over its policy excluding women from ground combat positions. Ultimately, the Joint Chiefs of Staff agreed with MJ and repealed the unconstitutional ban. In Congress, she'll continue that leadership by working with people from both parties to pass equal pay for equal work for all women.