Meet MJ Hegar: A Mom and Air Force Helicopter Pilot

Hi, I'm MJ Hegar.

I'm a mom and an Air Force helicopter pilot. After I served three tours in Afghanistan, I received a Purple Heart for sustaining injuries after being shot down by enemy fire while protecting my crew. While I was serving in Afghanistan, no one ever asked me whether I was a Republican or Democrat — we were focused on accomplishing our mission. In Congress, I'll work across the aisle to do what's right for Texas families.

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A product of District 31

This is my home. I was raised in Leander/Cedar Park by a single mom who taught my sister and I how to work hard, dream big, and overcome any obstacles in our way. Since I was young, I've had a desire to stand up, serve my peers, and be a leader. From Class President to cheerleader, mascot, band member, varsity tennis player, and President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I have always been proud to represent my team.

US Air Force Combat Search and Rescue Helicopter Pilot

From the time I saw Han Solo navigate the asteroid field in Star Wars, I knew I wanted to be a combat pilot. The insurmountable odds involved in making that a reality only motivated me to charge ahead and show that it was possible. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, I joined the Air Force, and was selected for one of just a few spots in pilot training. I served three tours in Afghanistan as a rescue helicopter pilot, and after being shot down by enemy fire, defending my crew and patients, and earning a Purple Heart, I returned home to embark on another “impossible” mission.

Spearheading real change in Washington D.C. since 2012

After getting a Purple Heart in Afghanistan, I was barred from my next career choice in the military because I was a woman. So I engaged in another battle at home: partnering with others to open all military jobs to women. I spent four years taking on a Democratic White House and a Republican Congress, leading the charge to ensure all jobs in the military are open for competition to both men and women without compromising standards — and we won. The Joint Chiefs of Staff unanimously concurred with our request, and the Secretary of Defense repealed the unconstitutional Ground Combat Exclusion Policy.

Advocating for families and protecting our children’s future

I am the proud mom of two precocious kids, ages 1 and 3, and three amazingly resilient and smart step-kids, ages 9, 11, and 17. All of my kids instill in me my greatest sense of pride and determination. I aspire to leave them a world that is safer, freer than the world they came into. A world where they have economic security, where they can worship as they choose, and where they can be who they are. My husband, Brandon, is an extraordinary partner, and together we’re raising our family in District 31, where we first met as kids.

Applying my experience to make an impact

I believe it’s my calling and responsibility to share my experiences and to give back to the place I call home. I believe in term limits and don't aspire to be a career politician, but in this moment, I feel compelled to work hard for and serve the people who I grew up with in this district.I wholeheartedly believe in the ability of everyday people to to make our community and the lives of those in it better, whether by running for office, getting out and voting, or volunteering in our community.

An independent voice for Texas families

I'm running for Congress so I can work across the aisle to clean up corruption in D.C. and do what's right for our country. I'll fight to make healthcare more affordable for everyone, support military families, and work hard to protect Medicare and Social Security.

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